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Multimedia dance performance: ABAS MALAS

When history meets art…
It was our absolute pleasure to film this fascinating event organised to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Latvian Republic. It took place on 18th November and was broadcasted on Latvian National Television.


Music, dance, and modern technology meet in this inspirational performance, giving onlookers the opportunity to experience the Latvian State Centenary as never before. Each element of visual expression – choreography, scenography, lighting, camera work, and projections – come together as an artistic whole. The performance is a both personal experience and a hundred-year-old story about the Latvian people, and about the land and the Daugava, the river of time that flows in its veins and arteries. More than 450 dancers – ballet, contemporary, and folk – will perform on a specially created 2000 m2 projection stage.

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