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The Legend of Zygimantas Augustas and Barbora Radvilaite

On the 12th of December in Klaipeda, 19th of December in Vilnius and 27th of December in Kaunas KTS filmed a new musical which was based on historical events of Lithuania and Poland kings and dukes all the way from XVI century. It’s a famous story of Barbora Radvilaite and Zygimantas Augustas. The musical was filmed using OB1 and its 7 cameras. It’s interesting to mention that two different programs were being edited at the same time and projected to two screens next to the stage.

The link below shows king’s and nobleman’s final aria where they are mourning for the young wife of the king. According to the legend she was poisoned by the mother of the king. However, the scientific research has proved that the wife of the king was probably not been poisoned but died due to cervical cancer.

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